I met Pat nearly 4 years ago and from day one I could tell he was passionate. Pat is a dedicated trainer and nutrition coach and desires to see his clients reach their fitness and weight loss goals. Almost 3 years ago Pat lost nearly 100 pounds by changing his nutrition and exercise. He now hopes to change the lives of everyone he comes in contact with by sharing his story and helping them to implement life-changing habits.

Kelli Pitzer, ACSM CPT

Group Exercise Director | Walla Walla YMCA

What a huge difference Pat has made in my life! With his help, at age 61, I have been able to lose 95 pounds and maintain a stable, normal weight over the past 2 ½ years. My life has changed! Stronger in body and spirit. Move with greater ease and balance. Greater self-confidence. Prediabetes and back pain—gone. What sets Pat apart from many trainers and weight loss coaches is that he has “been there”—having traveled the roads of weight gain, weight loss, and weight management himself. He understands and is nonjudgmental. He offers true hope and is an inspiration.
Pat relates so well to a wide variety of people and ages. He is very down to earth. Never criticizing, he supports/guides/affirms in his fun and infectiously enthusiastic way. In the gym, I have found him to be a very effective and gifted trainer. My coach is passionate about helping people lose weight, and has the knowledge, qualifications, and abilities to do so. He has my highest recommendation. I am excited about him helping you, too!

Susan Thompson, M.D.

General Internal Medicine